Renovation Small Apartment With Storage

Renovation Small Apartment With Storage

October 22, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hello friends, are you ready for amazing post today? What I mean to say is renovation small apartment with storage ideas. Useful ideas for people who live in small houses/apartments and have never enough place for all the things they have there.

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In the first photo, we have to show you the collage and the bedroom, living room, kitchen place, bathroom place. In this small apartment, there is an open living area and all the rooms are in one small space. Actually, more of the space is left for the kitchen, bedroom and living room and for the bath and entrance hall there is just small space because here we don’t need to much space. Take a look at it but also check the photos one by one.

small apartment

In the second photo, we can see nice and simple bath decor where are the wooden shelves for adding here bath stuff. By the way, check our amazing bath sinks designs, ideas that will help you in decorating the bath place.


In the third photo, we can see amazing entrance hall and space-saving wardrobe. Here you can create absolutely cool design on the entryway but also enjoy while saving all shoes and coats there.


You can have a kitchen cabinet and living room in one place but also to have seating area in the kitchen cabinet. An idea like this you will see in the photo now which is great example of how one interior place should look like.

What if I tell you that not just to seat, cook but you can also sleep here in the room. Also, there are built-in wall niches to have their bookcase and also to put there the hidden LED lighting. Check the details in these three photos.

In the next photo, you will see where are the hidden drawers and where you have space for adding clothes, shoes and everything else your home needs.

small space

Space-saving tips in the bathroom place, decor bath in the most impressive way and enjoy the design. Spend some time to take a look in it and see the details.

bathroom space saving tips


Thank you very much, dear friends, for the time and attention you spent with us and hope that you found the idea for home, if your home is small apartment, here is the solution. Bye and stay with our favorite friends!

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