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Fantastic Ideas of Vertical Garden

December 29, 2018 Off

Hey friends. Today its Saturday, perfect day for perfect ideas! It’s time to throw away the tall flower vases at home and to find a suitable wall for creating a vertical garden. In this way, your home will be clean, you will have a beautiful garden in a vertical row and at the same time,…

By Molly Wilson

Elegant Home Kitchen Bar

December 28, 2018 Off

Every kitchen needs a bar and we all need this bar at home. we need it for having breakfast there, to drink coffee while our partner is cooking which is the favourite part of the day. Amaze yourself in these kitchen bar ideas and choose one to be part of your home place and favorite…

By Molly Wilson

Epic Interior Design Fails

December 27, 2018 Off

If you just take a quick look at these photos you will wonder how these interior designers received a degree. When I saw some of these epic interior design fails, I thought that is 1’st April joke. For example, how can a designer design stairs in one direction, how can be a garage so high…

By Molly Wilson

Dreamy Black Interior Design

December 24, 2018 Off

Hey friends, how are you? Today is Monday and new start of the week, let’s all have one wonderful week which is the last of this year, 2018. For this day, we decided to show you the most dreamy black interior design that you will surely wish to check it. We know that people are…

By Molly Wilson

Christmas Decoration in Pink

December 22, 2018 Off

Every year we choose the green and red colour to decorate our home due to the Christmas holidays. Aren’t you fed up of these two colours? Each year the same thing, again and again. It’s time to change the colour and to create one different home design that will catch our eyes. Make this year…

By Molly Wilson

Amazing Twisted Bricks Art

December 18, 2018 Off

Bricks are¬†the most suitable material used for outdoor decoration,¬†garden decor, front yard or backyard. Creative people can make different things by using bricks and with this to decorate their yard in a spectacular way, creating bricks art. This post is exactly about bricks art and we will present you a few masterpieces of famous designers.…

By Molly Wilson