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Curtains that will give freshness to your home

March 4, 2014 Off

When you decor the flat, though you need to look out for when selecting furniture, color of walls and carpet, and even  curtains. When choosing curtains, you should choose some curtains that will give freshness to your home. In addition, they must be functional, you should be careful of certain details. This trend is desirable…

By David Bankston

Tips to make your house look bigger

February 18, 2014 Off

Do you have a small space in your house and you want it to look bigger?, House is every one’s sanctuary. Everyone wants to stay in a comfortable home. Some people tend to have small houses or apartment because that’s all they can afford and of course, thankful for it. Everything counts in a small…

By David Bankston

5 Tips to make your hallway impressive

January 27, 2014 Off

Hallway is the first impression of your house, so decorate it in a way that it gives an impression to your guests, and they irresistibly start admiring your aesthetic sense. You don’t need to hire professional interior designers, you can also be one if you follow some tips. Here are some of them; 1.Play with…

By David Bankston