Amazing Ideas About How to Repurpose the Cable Spools

Amazing Ideas About How to Repurpose the Cable Spools

December 3, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

This is one amazing world and we can beautify our life if we turn on our imagination and creativity. This post is written to inspire you and to give you amazing ideas about how to repurpose the cable spools in the most creative ways. So, spend some time and see creative ideas in the following photos that you can make in your extra free time.

Repurpose cable spools and make a nice hanging chandelier

If you are wondering how to design your chandelier, it’s time to take a look in our idea that is a simple idea that you can do it yourself. Take a look and save the photo on your desktop to have the idea in your free time.

Cable spool kitchen table that looks splendid

What an amazing cable spool table for kitchen or living room place and the most amazing thing about this is that you can make it by yourself.

The perfect books storage solution idea for you

Find a suitable place for your books, kill two birds with one stone, make a table for you and also organize your books there. You are a creative person and you can make this project to beautify your house place.

Cable spools reused, with lighting

Get ready for a party with your friends with a small table like this, the interesting thing is that you can make it y yourself in a quick and easy way.

Rustic outdoor furniture, do it yourself idea

You can beautify the yard place with coffee table and chair like these in the photo below. Take a look and get inspiration from.

Coins table top, a table made of old reused cable spools

I haven’t seen before such a lovely table like this, table with the top of coins. Inspire yourself in this photo and find inspiration for your own home and outdoor place.

A unique clock that you can make by yourself, in your free time

What time is it? Make a clock that will show you the time, a creative clock made of old and reused cable spools. Find motivation in this photo.

Modern rustic coffee table for your living room place

This is one excelent idea and decor for any interior and exterior place and guess what? It’s interesting and idea that you can do it yourself.

Creative toy idea for kid’s room place

Make happy your kids with an amazing idea like this, beautify the room and show them how to spend their free time. Make lovely car driveway toy bu reusing cable spools.

I hope that you’ve found this post useful and our ideas practical, please be kind and share the ideas with friends and people who enjoy in making creative crafts for home place. Please also read our last post that gives you the answer if you can cook in Antarctica when the temperatures are freezing.

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